Early Intervention Therapy Services (EITS)

The EITS is part of the Tri-Cities Children's Services (TCCS). TCCS offers services for families whose children and youth need additional support. It is a partnership between the Simon Fraser Society for Community Living (SFSCL) and SHARE. It includes the Infant Development Program, Supported Child Development Program and Key Worker Services from SFSCL and the EITS from SHARE.

The EITS includes:

Speech Therapy

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Early Childhood Mental Health


Family Centred Care

Family-centered care is the foundation on which our early intervention therapy services are provided.  This model of service-delivery is considered ‘best practice’ because positive child development outcomes go hand-in-hand with family involvement and support.  In practice, family-centered care at SHARE means that:

►Parents and therapists make decisions together, and parents have the final decision regarding their child and his or her treatment plan.
Parents are given complete and unbiased information to help them make informed decisions about their child’s care.
Parents receive copies of all reports written by SHARE staff about their child and family.  Copies of reports will not be shared with others without written consent from parents.
Scheduling is planned to minimize disruption to the family and child’s routine.
Parents are offered as much choice as possible about their child’s program. Recommended strategies are designed to fit into the family’s lifestyle in order to minimize stress.
Services can be delivered in a variety of locations including at home, at SHARE, or at a daycare, preschool or other community setting.
Family-identified needs are addressed directly and/or through referral to community agencies.
Support programs and services are made available to the whole family, including parents and brothers and sisters. Extended family members are welcomed as members of the child’s decision-making and intervention team - with parent approval.