Education Series


Cost: Free

Registration: Open to the Public, Drop-In

SHARE Alcohol and Drug Program invites you to attend any or all of their Education Series.  The program is open to everyone in the community.  It has important information for those who have an alcohol or drug problem or for those concerned about their use.  It will help those people affected by others’ use, to understand addicts and addictive behaviour. There is no cost for this group.  Topics will vary from week to week as outlined below.  The format consists of a video, a brief presentation, and open discussion.

Feb 4             Use, misuse, abuse – how people become addicted.

Feb 11            Medical aspects and effects of alcohol & drug abuse. What happens to the body & mind under the influence.

Feb 18             Alcohol – How dependence develops; controlled using; effects on pregnant women. Also you will learn briefly about drinking, drugs and driving.

Feb 25            Cocaine & crystal meth – the struggle to recover, and what long-term  recovery looks like.

Mar 4             Marijuana: A second class addiction?

Mar 11           Heroin & other common depressants/opiates – addiction, struggle and recovery.

Mar 18           Trauma – How substance misuse often occurs with people who have experienced childhood abuse. How these experiences may cause relapses or continued misuse.

Mar 25           Anger – understanding your anger & learning how to manage it more effectively.

Apr 1              Stress – learning how to cope with little and big problems without using.

Apr 8              Mental Illness, Depression & Addiction. Understanding the links between the mental illness and addiction will be tonight’s goal.

Apr 15             Relapse Prevention – discussion on the psychological, emotional & physical aspects of relapsing and what can be done.

Apr 22             Substance Affected: How others misuse of alcohol and drugs affects us. How to help others.

May 6             Stage II Recovery – Life in the Future

When: Wednesdays 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Where: 2nd Floor - 2615 Clarke Street, Port Moody

How to get there:

Public Transportation: 160 Vancouver/Port Coquitlam or C24 Lougheed Station/Port Moody bus lines. Take the St Johns @ Mary Street stop. Schedule your trip with the BCTransit Trip Planner

For more information please call: 604.936.3900