So easy to do!

Hosting an event in your neighbourhood, school, workplace or place of worship is a great way to build connections and have fun. 

Each year, hundreds of caring individuals and groups raise money and collect food for SHARE Family & Community Services by hosting their own special events. These events include everything from bake sales and lemonade stands to golf tournaments and food drives. Are you ready to organize your own fundraising or food drive event for SHARE? All it takes is a little creativity, some careful planning, and the desire to make a difference in the lives of the people around us. 

To host a food drive or fundraiser:

  1. What would you like to do? Raise food? Funds? Come up with an idea, and no matter how big or small, make sure it’s fun for you!
  2. Develop your strategy – what has to be done by when and who is going to do it?
  3. Contact Teri Towner to tell her about your event. Please give us two weeks advance notice and we’ll promote it as best we can!
  4. Make it happen!
  5. Throw in a competition, involve your workplace and neighbourhood, get your friends involved.
  6. Download the Event Planning Toolkit here!
  7. Have Fun!
If you’re hosting a food drive, it’s very helpful if you bring your food directly to the depot. It allows us to direct money to the costs of distributing food rather than to paying for gas. The Food Depot is located at 2615 Clarke Street, Port Moody and open from 9:30am-7:00pm Mondays and 9:30am – 4:00 Monday through Friday. We are open from 9:00-1pm on Saturdays in December.
If you have collected so much food that you are unable to fit it in your vehicle … CONGRATULATIONS! Call us at 604-931-2451 and we will arrange our driver to pick it up. 
Thank you for your support!

SHARE does not do door-to-door solicitations and cannot endorse these events.

Join the SHARE Bear Kids Club!


What does it mean to be a SHARE Bear Club member?

-    You are a kid who lives in the Tri-Cities or beyond
-    You care about your neighbours, family, friends and classmates
-    You love SHARE Bear and want to help him make a difference in the community

If this describes you, then the SHARE Bear Club is the place for you!

All you have to do is:

-    Fill out the registration form with your parent or guardian
-    Choose a way to help your community that is fun for you
-    Keep in touch and let us know what wonderful things you’re doing to help!

As a SHARE Bear member you will receive:

-    A membership package that includes your very own sticker badge
-    Recognition about the difference you’re making in the community
-    A thank you card from your friend, SHARE Bear
-    An entry into a draw to win a surprise birthday or classroom visit from SHARE Bear!

Want to get started? Here are some ideas:

-    Instead of presents, collect donations of food, toys or money at your next birthday!
-    Collect and return empty bottles and donate the funds to SHARE!
-    Donate the funds from your piggy bank to SHARE!
-    Start a food, clothes or coin drive in your classroom!
-    Donate your old clothes and books to SHARE’d Treasures Thrift Store!
-    Have a lemonade stand, yard or bake sale to raise money for SHARE!
-    Tell your classmates about the SHARE Bear Club for “Show & Tell!”
-    Save up your money to sponsor a family for Christmas!

For more information, or to tell us the amazing things you're doing for the community, please email Teri at!

Click here to read about one of our SHARE Bear Kids Club members in the Tri-City News!