Our Board of Directors

Board Chair
Ed Yee
1st Vice Chair
Henry Rutgers
2nd Vice Chair

Alison Silgardo

Secretary Chris Carter
 Directors Raj Mutti
  Lynn Pelletier
  Debbie Pudek
  Marvin Shung
  Carlo Zarrillo


Our Staff

Management Team:

Chief Executive Officer: Martin Wyant
Director of Programs & Services: Tom Hetherington
Director of Programs & Services: Roxann MacDonald
Director of Programs & Services: John Maddalozzo
Director of Development: Valerie Hutton
Director of Administration: Natalie Lisik
Accountant: Maureen Kyba
Adminstrative Supervisor:
Child, Youth & Family Services: Karin Cleven
Community Living Program: Ross Renaud
Community Development: Gina Hortelano
Community Development: Sheila McFadzean
SHARE Food Bank: Heather Stacey
Adult Addiction Services: Rob Buirs
Youth Addiction Services: Lisa Ackerman
Early Intervention Services: John Maddalozzo
Housing Supervisor: Rosemary McColl
SHARE'd Treasures Thrift Store: Krissie Sondles